Booking Agency

Concert bookings

As a booking agency, we help the artists we work with to find concert bookings. We do this both actively, by prospecting and contacting potentially interested promoters, and passively, by making the information public, like we do on this website. We help to promote all concerts in the booking of which we are involved through the channels at our disposal. We assist both the promoter and the artist to make sure all concerts by artists on our roster can take place in the best possible circumstances.

If you're looking for an artist you would like to book, feel free to browse. A list of the artists we currently work with can be found under the heading 'Bands' on this page.

If you are an artist and would like to work with us, you can always contact us. We will send you a summary of what we offer regarding bookings and promotion, how we proceed to reach our mutual goals and what we expect from a collaboration. Both artists with years of experience and newcomers are welcome. We don't just want to work with established names for whom it isn't really hard to find new concert dates.

Tour management

We can help artists, both those on our rosters and others, who travel to Belgium for one or more concert dates with the practical preparations of these concerts. This includes, among other things, the following:

  • booking suitable hotel rooms or other accomodation
  • providing a travel itinerary and travel route, including hours of departure and arrival
  • looking for suitable restaurants near the venue
  • providing information on where the artist can park his vehicle(s)
  • translating relevant documents from and into Dutch, English and French
  • providing feedback about promoters and venues given by other artists
  • providing information about legal obligations and other rules the artist should respect in Belgium
  • mediating in the case of a dispute with the promoter
  • answering all practical questions the artist can't find an appropriate answer to
  • providing a telephone service the artist and the promoter(s) can call during the artist's stay in Belgium

We charge a clear and transparant rate for this service, to be agreed upon beforehand. The artist will receive a valid invoice for all our services.

Support during concerts

We can also offer practical support during their concerts in Belgium. This might be interesting for artists who, for financial or other reasons, prefer to travel without a road crew. This offer, which only applies to artists on our roster, doesn't include the transport of the artist or tasks that are the responsibily of the promoter, e.g. providing stage hands or sound engineers.

Unfortunately, it's impossible to provide support if the question hasn't been asked well in advance. We ask all artists to ask for support at least four weeks before the actual concert.

We charge a clear and transparant rate for this support. The artist will receive a valid invoice for all our services.

The red tape section

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Gemeentestraat 73
3010 Kessel-Lo

Please only use the address mentioned above for physical correspondence.

Small enterprise: free of V.A.T. obligations

In the case of a legal dispute, the Business Court in Leuven, Belgium is competent.