Spiral of Silence

Spiral of Silence, sometimes referred to as SPOS, is a Belgian coldwave/postpunk band that was often described as the Belgian Joy Division at the start of the century. With 'Leap' and 'dEcAdEnT', they released two highly acclaimed albums and for a number of years they were a fixture on various national and international line-ups. After a while, however, the band members all went their own way. Drummer Achiel Keppens released a few records as 'Phil Jacks', before joining the band of Kloot Per W. Vocalist Tom Van Troyen eventually became the new lead singer of the revitalized Belgian legend Siglo XX.

After a break of more than ten years, the silence is broken. On May 18th 2021 the British label Jezus Factory released a first new single, 'Toll', to be followed shortly by other new songs. During concerts, the band will be completed by a few members of Siglo XX and by the never-relenting musical jack of all trades Kloot Per W on guitar.

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