Below you can find a calendar with all concerts and other events involving the artists we work with. We try to keep this information up-to-date, but in order to get all practical info, it's always a good idea to check out the website of the promoter or the event as well. A list of past concerts can be found here.

- Plan B, Mälmo, Sweden
It might be cold and dark up north, but The Membranes will shine a light over Sweden.
- Trädgärn, Goteborg, Sweden
These bands will feel at home in a city named after the fortress of the Goths.
- Berns, Stockholm, Sweden
For The Membranes, this is the last concert of The Stranglers' tour.
- De Kroeg, Peer
The concept of 'Onkruid vergaat niet' is being revitalized after a few years of absence, with the explicit intention of annoying ordinary people. Both the promoters and the bands have no respect for the powers that be, something that should also apply to you.
- Klimaatfestival, Antwerpen
During the second edition of the Klimaatfestival in Antwerpen, people won't just talk about our ecological problems, but will also listen to a band who deal with these issues in their songs.
- Het Depot, Leuven
Overdrive is a totally new concept, designed to introduce an open-minded audience to a number of young and upcoming bands. Nona Problemo is one of them, but the line-up alsof features other young bands who've never of rarely performed in Leuven before.
- The Black Prince, Northampton, UK
Millie Manders visits the historical town center of Northampton, not far from Rugby, where some kind of sport is rumoured to originate from.
- Het Groot Ongelijk, Kessel-Lo
Leuven-based anarchists Donder, Hel & Hagel will rejoice the audience with their ecological anthems in a place where the revolution is planned on a daily basis.
- The King Arthur, Glastonbury, UK
Of course, it's called The King Arthur. According to legend Glastonbury is the new name of Avalon.
- Underground, Plymouth, UK
The support act will be announced at a later date.
- 1865 Club, Southampton, UK
Veterans of the old London Punk scene visit the south coast.
- Exchange, Bristol, UK
According to a recent survey, Bristol is the nicest city to live in this self-inflicted third world country.