Below you can find a calendar with all concerts and other events involving the artists we work with. We try to keep this information up-to-date, but in order to get all practical info, it's always a good idea to check out the website of the promoter or the event as well.

- Nothing But The Dark festival, Brugge
With Nothing But The Dark, Brugotta, Brugge's cultural center, prepares us all for the cold winter nights that await us. Der Klinke, who have been a stalwart of the Belgian underground scene for years, are just one of the many names featuring in the interesting line-up.
- Sinner's Day festival, Sint-Truiden
Struggler will use the occasion to show the audience of Sinner's Day this band is still relevant, both in their message and in their music.
- Sinner's Day festival, SInt-Truiden
The up-and-coming talented band Korinthians get a well-deserved opportunity to play the Belgian Stage of the Sinner's Day festival.
- Sinner's Day Festival, Sint-Truiden
Dead High Wire is one of the many lesser known bands who get a chance to play on the Belgian Stage during this festival.
- B52 Music Club
A nice line-up with three Belgian bands, each of whom are more than worthy of anyone's attention and who sound original enough to prevent any form of monotony.
- B52 Music Club
An evening for those who like their electronic music a bit harsher. PESCH plays EBM with a weird edge, Doganov adds sturdy guitars to their beats. Both are worth the trip, together it will be a guaranteed success. This concert was originally planned for June 2021, but was postponed due to the uncertainties related to the COVID-19-measures.
- café Cabron, Antwerpen
Struggler will never headline major festivals, but they don't have to. Sometimes it's more fun to watch an obscure band in a small pub. And this one's for free, which is always nice.
- Into The Dark Night 2, Zutendaal
An varied evening with four Belgian underground bands who have plenty of quality to offer, featuring Doganov's heavy mix of electro and guitars and Korinthians' contemporary postpunk.
- B52 Music Club
After, well, having spiraled into silence for many years, Spiral of Silence has finally resurfaced, both with new releases, like the single 'Toll', and with new concerts, of which this one is the first.  
- Club Brugotta, Brugge
Once more, the veterans of De Brassers share a stage with Red Zebra, this time in Brugge's cultural center.
- Into the dark Fest, Zappa, Antwerpen
The veterans of De Brassers share a stage with a bunch of younger bands with a similar bleak perspective on what some people turn our society into. The headliner of the festival will be announced on the 11th of September 2021 and will undoubtedly lift the line-up to an even higher level.
- Porta Nigra 2022, Aarschot
A brilliant festival with a brilliant line-up. Korinthians will be on stage quite early, but there's more than enough on offer to keep you busy all day.